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 A company that develops advanced neural networks for various business areas. They both provide their services to various companies on order and develop their own products. They work full-time in their field and are ready to create unique and flexible systems

The task

The objective of the project is an internal product of companies aimed at the b2b sector. It was necessary to create an interface for the Saas platform, the main function of which was to create AI that simulates communication with the support service. It should be noted that the main task was to present a complex and intricate functionality through an easily accessible visual interface that can be used by a person who has nothing to do with the IT field. It is also worth mentioning that the usual functionality of the platform for providing metrics and analysis based on the information that customers provide to AI

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In the end, we got a platform in which we have several AI behavior constructors, both detailed and simplified - working exclusively on pre-made templates, several different dashboards with analytics and stored data, as well as the platform plays a huge number of integrations to various services that allow you to save a lot the amount of time spent programming the AI  itself

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